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The BeatSwap project is an exciting inter-school music project designed by Andy Fowler of RhythmZone and Claire Hurst (Deputy Head) of Oxford Road Community School. Follow us throughout the year to see children from four Reading schools develop and perform their own piece of world percussion music.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Rhythm Exchange!

We've just finished the first two 6 week blocks of BeatSwap project sessions. Phew! All of the children from Oxford Road Community School and Churchend Academy have worked really hard and achieved LOADS! Partner groups have now exchanged their rhythms!

Wiktor Kepa of ORCS made up his own rhythms using beatlab, wrote them down and brought them in to share with his group. His rhythms were excellent! Well done Wiktor!

Here are some of the workbooks completed so far. These are filled with taught and self-created rhythms and composition ideas. It's great to see all of these fresh and exciting ideas in one place.

Tomorrow I will be visiting Newtown Primary. Miklands Primary start their sessions next week. 

Children from partnered schools discuss their performance ideas at the end of the first block of sessions. I will be working over Christmas to put all of these ideas together into a performance structure which we will learn and enhance over the second six week block. 

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  1. Go BeatSwap! I've been practicing my rhythms on the kitchen side for tomorrow!