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The BeatSwap project is an exciting inter-school music project designed by Andy Fowler of RhythmZone and Claire Hurst (Deputy Head) of Oxford Road Community School. Follow us throughout the year to see children from four Reading schools develop and perform their own piece of world percussion music.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Andy's top videos!

Here's my two favourite YouTube videos right now! They both show how lots of people working together can make something really special.

The first shows some Egyptian and Turkish drumming (after a short introduction). It takes a little while to build up but the rhythms are really cool and well worth watching / listening to.

The second one is an INSPIRATIONAL group of deaf and dumb dancers. This is amazing!

Think about your performance.... What ideas do you have that will make it more interesting for the audience? Write down your ideas so you don't forget them!

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  1. Hey Andy, it's Jess from Churchend. I discovered that you have to sign in to type, on a Google Account or something. Anyway, the videos are amazing and I love the dancing. I'm going to use Beatlab in a minute because I'm VERY INSPIRED!