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The BeatSwap project is an exciting inter-school music project designed by Andy Fowler of RhythmZone and Claire Hurst (Deputy Head) of Oxford Road Community School. Follow us throughout the year to see children from four Reading schools develop and perform their own piece of world percussion music.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A visit to Gold Coast Drums

So, we're approaching the end of the Summer holidays and I got the great news that BeatSwap had received some funding from Reading Borough Council to buy musical instruments!

I drove out today to collect some djembes and djun djuns for the project from Gold Coast Drums. Andy was helpful as usual. I can wholeheartedly recommend buying from him. Great products, prices and service. Check out how many drums he has! The drums stacked up in this picture were 3 or 4 layers deep up to the shelves on the wall. Thanks Andy! - and for carrying them all down to my van. You're a hero!

After watching Andy work up a sweat I headed off to BINA Musicals in Southall to buy mridangas. You can read about that experience at my mridanga site here.

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